Unit Questions To Consider
For Your “Media’s Influence Reaction Paper”

Lesson 1

1.      What are values? 

2.      Where do they come from? 

3.      How did your values enter into your decisions during the Survivor Vote activity? 

4.      Can our values change?  Why or why not?

5.      How do we feel when others “force” their values on us?

Lesson 2

1.      Does the Media give values?  How?  Why?

2.      Do we hear or see them?  How? 
Why or why not?

3.      Why would the media offer “values”?

4.      Did your phrase, ad or item promote or present any values?

5.      What happens when a media’s value conflict with your own? What do you do?  What should you do?  Why or why not?

Lesson 3

1.      Can a person or something cause you to change your mind or your values?  Why?  How?  When?

2.      Is it wrong to compromise my values?  Why or why not?

3.      When are you more likely to change your mind or your values?

4.      Can this happen without you knowing it?  Is this fair?

5.      What is “Brain Washing?” 

6.      Does the media ever try to “brain wash” you?  How?

7.      What can you do to prevent this from happening?

Lesson 4

1.      How can we differentiate the messages in media?

2.      How can we “self-filter” the media?

3.      How can we use each other to combat the influence or “brain-washing” of media’s messages? 

4.      Am I willing to commit to change my media habits and become more discerning of what goes into my brain – even if it may seem difficult to change?

5.      How will friends affect my decision – good and bad?