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M3 & Me: Music, Movies and Multi Media

“The Effect of Media on Youth”


This presentation was developed by Glen Dawursk, Jr. and was last updated 10/18/07. 
It is not to be duplicated without the written permission of the author and presenter.


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Welcome to M3 and Me.  During this presentation I will be walking you through a two hour presentation on media.  Please understand that there are two ways to present this material: As a trickle or as a fire-hose.  As a trickle I would present the material over a period of days or weeks. This might allow you to “soak-up” the information better, but it would not make the impact of media’s influence and message any less of an issue.  Instead, this presentation will use the “fire hose” method.  This presentation will show you examples from the media that when seen together “back-to-back” demonstrate the real problem with the media in society today.


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Before we begin, we need to establish some “warnings.”

1) The presentation you are about to see includes offensive material. 

2) However, everything seen or talked about in this presentation is readily available to youth legally via normal forms of media: radio, TV, magazines, movies, music and internet – usually during the day or during evening primetime.

3) I am presenting information, and when presented as a whole, it will seem overwhelming.  It is that “fire-hose” effect I mentioned earlier.

4) I am not condemning any particular person, group, style or media.

And finally,

5) It is not my intent to tell you to burn your CD’s, chuck your DVD’s or unplug your video games.  I will simply present the information and you can decide what you want to do with the facts that I am sharing.


If your child has NEVER been exposed to any media or if you have already made significant filtering of it, you may want to leave, as this presentation will present disturbing information which may be inappropriate for your particular children.  Please use your parental discretion.  Thanks.


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Several years ago on Milwaukee’s north side, a man was brutally beaten to death.  This may not have seemed like anything extra newsworthy as a daily murder in any large US city has become common place.  Society has become desensitized to the idea.  However, this murder was unique in that it involved a group of youth and children who were not a gang, but instead just neighborhood kids hanging out.  The murder was the result of an altercation with this 36 year old man. In retaliation for something he did, they chased him down and bludgeoned him to death so badly that blood was splattered on the walls and ceiling of the duplex entry way where he tried to escape to.  But what makes this murder even more alarming is the one of the murderers was just 10 years old.  According to the reports, the ten year old hit the man repeatedly on his head with the back of a shovel until he saw the man’s ear rip off.  But why?  What would cause a child to feel that this was an acceptable way to deal with his anger? What is really going on?


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In 2001 in Santee, California a 15 year old boy entered into his school and killed two students and injured 13 others.  He said that he did it because he was tired of being teased for being too skinny. 


Why would a teenager feel that this was the way to handle his anger?  What is going on?


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In 1996, Clay Logan was a typical 16 year-old youth who felt his parents were overbearing and controlling.  However, he desired to deal with them in an unusual way – he wanted to kill them. He often talked about killing them to his friends at school.  He regularly wore a Marilyn Manson shirt which promoted the idea.  His favorite song was “The End” by the “oldie” group the Doors.  He would play it over and over and over again.  He had every word, inflection and sound memorized.  One night he decided to act upon the words of the song. His parents were asleep and oblivious to what was about to happen.   Suddenly they heard Clay’s stereo blasting the Doors song down the hallway.  They heard the words, “The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on he took a face from the ancient gallery; And he walked on down the hall. He went into the room where his sister lived, and...then he paid a visit to his brother, and then he walked on down the hall, and he came to a door...and he looked inside ‘Father’, ‘yes son’, ‘I want to kill you;’ ‘Mother...I want to...F<delete> you.’”

His parents came rushing down the hallway to find Clay standing at his bedroom door with a handgun and on a chorus of the song, “Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill,” he shot bullets into his mother, killing her and one went into his father as he wrestled Clay to the floor.  Why would a teenager deal with his adolescent anger in such a violent way?  What is going on?


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“On July 22, 1995, three teenage boys lured 15-year-old Elyse Marie Pahler from her home, taking her to a eucalyptus grove they had designated the Devil's altar. Once there, they drugged her, making her helpless against their assault. The three brutally killed her as a sacrifice to the Devil [in hopes of blessing their band called “hatred.”] The boys first strangled her with a belt and then took turns stabbing her fifteen times with an antler-handled hunting knife. As Pahler lay dying on the ground, praying and calling for her mother, the boys violently tromped on her neck attempting to silence her. They then raped her and repeatedly performed sexual intercourse with her body following her death. The vicious assault and murder were carried out according to instructions from lyrics written by the "Death Metal" band known as Slayer. These lyrics include directions on stalking, mutilation, dismemberment, rape, torture, cannibalism, necrophilia, and the killing of virgin females.” (quote taken from The family filed a law suit against the music industry and Slayer on May 19, 2000.  This screen shows the album cover for their CD “Divine Intervention” which featured an a fan’s actual carvings on their arm.



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“In August 1995, 16-year-old Brian Bassett and 18-year-old Nicholas McDonald murdered Bassett's parents and his five-year-old brother, Austin, at their home in Washington. Bassett shot his mother and father, Michael and Wendy. It was alleged that McDonald had eventually drowned Austin.  In February 1996, following their arrests, both Bassett's and McDonald's lawyers claimed that the lyrics to Silverchair's 'Israel's Son' had provoked their clients to commit the crime. McDonald's lawyer, Tom Copland, alleged that his client had been listening to Silverchair's 'Frogstomp' album before the murders took place, and that the lyrics to 'Israel's Son' ('Hate is what I feel for you/I want you to know that I want you dead') were "almost a script. They're relevant to everything that happened". It was also alleged that, immediately after the murder, Bassett played 'Israel's Son' and danced around kicking his parents' bodies. Both are currently serving life sentences.”

Daniel Johns, the 16 year old Silverchair’s lyricist says, "When I write lyrics, I try to get as much of the crap in my life out through them," he says. "I get all the shit out through the music, so I can enjoy the rest of the time I have. As a band, we always like dark, aggressive music, so I like to write about the dark side and get my aggression through music.

(Taken from “Roo Fighters Kerrang!” By Paul Elliott from


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The year before, two Milwaukee teenagers decided to act out the words of the Tupac Shakur’s  song“2 Pacalypse Now” which suggests the pleasure in killing a police officer.  One of the youth went to the second story window of a Milwaukee bungalow and waited with a high power rifle while the other youth made the call to the Milwaukee Police Department requesting a squad be sent immediately.  When the police van drove past the bungalow, the youth shot the officer killing him.  At the subsequent court case, the lawyers claimed that the youth were simply responding to the words they had memorized in the song.  What is going on?  Pleasure in killing a cop?



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February 2, 1996, Barry Loukaitis entered a classroom in Moses Lake, Washington dressed up like a gunslinger with 2 concealed pistols, 78 rounds of ammunition and a high powered rifle  and killed a teacher and two students. Prosecutors said the 14-year-old loved the violent movie, Natural Born Killers and was “inspired” by the 1992 Pearl Jam music video Jeremy that depicts a teen shooting his classmates. Loukaitis had thought it would be "fun" to go on a killing spree.



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In 1998, three 16 year old Burlington High School youth plotted to have a mass murder of students and teachers at their school.  In addition, these youth daily read from a Satanic Bible which encouraged them on the pleasure’s of dealing with anger through murder.  It was an observant teacher who found a notebook filled with the morbid details for the planned massacre.  Amazingly, this occurred the year before Columbine.


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What is going on?  All over the US and just last year a similar scenario occurred in Europe.  What is causing our youth to explode in such anger, hatred and violent retribution? 


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This violent behavior is not limited to just the US.  Just two years ago, a 19 year old German high school senior shot 14 teachers, 2 students, a police officer and himself.  


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Probably one of the most analyzed and discussed examples of this murderous behavior was the incident that occurred at Columbine High School, April 20th, 1999.  It was about 11:25 Am when Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris went on a 15 minute murderous rampage at their high school killing themselves and 12 others.  But why?  Why would these seemingly normal upper middle class youth want take the life of so many others and themselves?  Subsequent reports after the event have shown that it was not one single thing which caused them to do what they did.  It was not just an issue of rebellion toward their parents. Harris’ parents were even home while they made their pipe bombs in their attached garage; hammering and sawing late into the evening.  It was not that they were uninvolved loners at their school -- one had participated in soccer and the other in drama club.  Klebold went on a prom date the week before. Yet these two young men held significant pent-up anger against many students and teachers at their school -- especially the “religious” ones. 


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They wanted revenge for their anger and they were encouraged through the internet via on-line hate, skinhead and Nazi group websites and chats rooms.  It was not by accident that the date of the massacre was Hitler’s birth date. They were directed by the lyrics of European metal bands like Ramstein and KMFDM who promote murder as revenge; and they were desensitized to killing people through the graphics and gratification offered for violent murder in the games Doom and Nukem.  In a video tape they made the day before the massacre, Harris bragged how they were going to finally do Doom for real and he even named his gun “Arlene” after a character in the video game.  At one point in the video Klebold says, “I hope we kill 250 of you” and a diary they kept stated they wanted to kill 500 people.  What would cause such anger, hatred and violence?  What is going on?

One of the interesting stories surrounding the Columbine massacre was the killers’ desire to confront youth who professed to be Christian.  On the video tape, Klebold referred to themselves as being “god-like” and having the New Age concept of “self awareness.”  He said, “We're not exactly human - we have human bodies but we've evolved into one step above you f****** human s***.  They called two girls who professed to be Christian: “f****** little Christianity, Godly whores.”
Harris: "Yeah, I love Jesus, I love Jesus, shut the f*** up.'‘
Klebold: "What would Jesus do? What would I do. Boosh! (points at camera as if holding gun).
Harris: "I would shoot you in the m************* head! Go Romans - Thank God they crucified that a******.'‘ Both: "Go Romans! Go Romans! Yeah! Whooo!''


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One of the victims of Columbine was 17 year old Cassie Bernall.  Just two years prior, Cassie was into Satanism, witchcraft and the occult.   She was rebellious and disrespectful at home and she was making bad decisions.  Not exactly the life we would expect from what many call a “religious martyr.”  Once while her mom was looking in her daughter’s room, she found stacks of letters that Cassie had written and received from a friend.   Listen to Cassie mother describe what she found: “A letter addressed to Cassie from a friend opened with several lines of unprintable sex talk and ninth-grade gossip, and went on to discuss a teacher at the high school, Mrs. R., and invited Cassie,  ‘Want to help me murder her?’ The letter ended with a reminder about a ‘neat spell,’ drawings of knives, vampire teeth and a caricature of Mrs. R lying in a pool of blood, butcher knives protruding from her chest. There was endless talk about the ‘fun’ of alcohol, marijuana and self-mutilation, and the adventures of a classmate whose girlfriend went to ‘this satanic church, cult thing where you have to drink a kitten’s blood to get in.’ Still another depicted a crudely drawn knife dripping with ‘parent’s guts’ and headstones for ‘Pa and Ma Bernall.’  I called my husband at work and said I needed him to come home right away.” [Teen People Magazine, November 1999, 101-102 taken from an excerpt from “She Said Yes” by Misty Bernall published by The Plough Publishing House] Cassie’s parents transferred her to a parochial school, but she still continued to rebel.  It was not until one weekend when there was a church youth group retreat.  Cassie did not want to go, but she bargained with her parents and agreed to go in trade for something else.  Cassie had no idea what was going to happen.  That weekend, her heart changed and she rejected her past commitment to Satanism and became a Christian.  For the next two years, Cassie became a radical believer.  The night before Columbine, her youth pastor and youth staff even talked about how strong-willed Cassie had become about her faith.  They feared she may be “turning” people off by virtue of her strong witnessing [from a “Focus on the Family” interview]. She really had changed from just two years before.  Once Cassie said to her mom, “Mom, it would be OK if I died. I'd be in a better place, and you know where I'd be.”

(Taken from bpa2.asp?ReturnURL=

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On April 20th that year, Cassie was in the school library preparing for a Bible study at her church youth group that night when suddenly the sounds of explosions from pipe bombs, gun fire and blood curdling screams were heard throughout the building.  The librarian instructed the kids to get under the tables immediately.  The next thing Cassie knew, Harris and Klebold had entered the library.  They seemed to seek out specific individuals and Cassie was one of them.  According to witnesses, Harris came up to Cassie who was under a table, put a sawed-off shotgun to her head and asked her, “Are you a Christian?”  She did not respond immediately.  Instead, she stood up first and then said, “Yes, I believe.”  He then asked her “Why?” and before she could answer, he pulled the trigger.  


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Remember the 15 year old Santana, California youth who killed others because he was tired of being teased for being too skinny?  Time magazine evaluated the known cases of school violence by students during the same week.  Note, schools do not report to the media or even to the parents every time there is a bomb threat or an incident involving a gun or excessive violence.  These are only the ones we know of.


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The question comes back to…”But Why?”  Why are our youth today resorting to such extreme violence to deal with their adolescent issues and pressures?  What has changed over the past 20 years to bring about such a significant change? 


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The Question is:

Does listening to Marilyn Manson or Eminem really make me “hate God”?  Will playing Nukem or “Grand Theft Auto” really make me a violent killer?  Will watching an erotic “love scene” in an “R” rated movie or “MA” rated cable show make me have sex before I’m married?

The answer is: <CLICK> NO!  …not by itself and not directly.  


BUT check out what I call the “Sponge Theory.”


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Let’s say that you have a new, fresh clean sponge and you spill some coffee here, some soda here, some water here and some grape juice over here. <CLICK AFTER EACH ITEM>  You then take that clean sponge and wipe up all of the spills.  When you ring out the sponge, what will you have?  <CLICK>

Muck!  The sponge will simply be a combination of all of the things it has absorbed.  Now, what would happen if we were to let that sponge just sit filled with all of this “muck?”  It would develop mildew or mold and eventually smell – and the sponge would be impaired if we tried to use it again. 

Now, let’s change our scenario.  What if we spilled some water here, some water here, maybe some coffee here and some more water over here.  <CLICK> Now when we wipe up the messes, the sponge will be less “mucky” and will not smell as badly – and will be easier to clean up.  You see what we put into the sponge determines the functionality of the sponge later and the fact that three of the items were water, allowed the coffee to be more diluted and less of an issue for mold and a rotting smell.


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In the same way, our brain is a sponge.  Who we are is determined by the “inputs” our sponge receives through our experiences via our senses.  We are affected not by one thing, but by many things.  We are affected by our relationships with our family, parents and friends; by our unique and shared experiences; by ours and other’s sexuality and maturity – mentally, physically and perceived; by our education and our perception of our education, our successes and challenges in school; and by beliefs and convictions.  Note that beliefs and convictions are not the same. Belief is what we will accept or confirm acceptable in our head – but convictions are what we passionately live in our life and will stand-up for.  These “influences” help to determine our values, morals, judgments and how we perceive things in our life. However, I contend that the greatest influence for a teenager, ages 13-18, is the “M3 factor.”


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I contend that the M3 factor – Music, Movies, and other electronic Multi Media has become the predominate influencer for youth today.  Let’s try out my theory here:


1)Youth, when you get home from school, how many of you have NO parents home?  Parents, you can answer with them if you are NOT home when your kids get home.

Ok, hands down.

2) Youth, how many of you when you get home play your video games, check out your IM or e-mail, get on a chat line, surf the web checking out sites, play your CDs, turn on the radio, put in a movie, work on a computer program or computer game, rent a movie on Satellite or cable, flip on the TV and watch a favorite show like MTV, Comedy channel or Nick, or simply download an MP3 file from the web?


In almost every place I speak on this topic the numbers significantly demonstrate how the media has become a significant part or “influence” in our teenager’s lives.   Today, if a teenager doesn’t have IM, E-mail or a cell phone – they think they will “just die!”  The media is everywhere around us.  Even grocery stores and Wal-Mart's now have televisions in aisles advertising products and special promotions.   The media is everywhere and it is especially targeting our youth. 


Slide 27

As an old computer adage reminds us: “Garbage in, garbage out!”  So it is how the media has been affecting our teenager’s lives as well.


Slide 28

But how bad is this M3 factor really?  According to research, teenagers:

Ages 12-17 average 22 hours of TV per week.

55% listen to 5 or more hours of recordings per week (tapes, records, CD’s).

Ages 15-19 buy 25% of all recordings.

Buy 38% of all movie tickets.

98% of all US homes have at least one TV.


Plus the 2004 Neilson Net Ratings show that 77.6% of 2-17 year olds have internet access now and 74.9% of all American homes have internet access.


(4/2004 --



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BUT…Teenagers often say:

I don’t pay attention to the words.  I can ignore the messages.




Slide 30

I call this the “Dick Clark” excuse.  For many of you parents we remember Dick Clark for the weekly Rock and roll dance show “American Bandstand.”  You can still see the reruns on VH1.  It was actually the inspiration for “Soul Train” which still is on the air – but it was more pop music orientated.  Each week, Dick Clark would ask one or two teenagers to “rate a record.” He would simply play 20 to 30 seconds of a new record and then based upon that sampling the teenagers had to give it a rating from 35 to 100.   The majority of the weeks the teenagers response was predictably: “It’s got a great beat and it’s easy to dance to… I give it a 95!”   They based the song on just the beat and chose to ignore the words – the message.  This is the excuse for many youth today – but biology shows us that we actually do get the messages even if we think we are ignoring them.


Slide 31

Let’s take a quick trek into Brain Biology 101…

Our brains contain neurons.  Everything we do, see, hear, experience stimulates a connection between the neurons. We actually never forget anything.  Our neurons maintain our memories – it is just sometimes we have difficulty locating which neuron is saving what information.


The more repetitive the stimulus, the stronger the connections become. The more we repeat something we see, hear, or do, the more significant a connection between the neurons becomes.  Repetitive messages or activities change our brain; they change us.


Slide 32

Our brains have areas for:

Cognitive – which is the largest,


And Emotions.

The “emotions” part of our brain is what drives our behavior.  So when we have a repetitive stimulus in the emotional area of our brain, it will affect our behavior as well.



Slide 33

The Emotions area of the brain:

Grabs our attention

Is the major determiner of our memory

Is essential for our attitude

Motivates our actions


Recent brain research has also found two additional startling facts:

 Up until recently we thought that we did not grow new brain cells.  Through repetition, new brain cells can be produced;

 We used to think that the brain was completely finished soon after birth and then just grew larger.  However, new research suggests that at about 5th grade, the last stage of our brains development is just starting.  A final portion of the frontal lobe does not even begin developing then and completes the process around age 16 or 17.  This area of the brain determines our “discernment, reasoning and rational.” 

Both of these discoveries are closely impacted by the “Emotion” area of the brain.


Slide 34

The media triggers the emotions section of the brain through “Emotional Jolts.”  These are techniques intended to stimulate that section of the brain and produce a specific behavior.  The media uses emotional jolts to “get our attention” through the display of:





Desire to belong

Emotional Jolt Techniques include:

Special effects, animation, pacing, editing,
camera angles, graphics, back ground sounds
or music, color, lighting, mixes, volume, etc. 



Slide 35

Your brain maintains all you see, hear, feel and experience like a hard drive.  How many times have we had a memory come forward that we had not remembered for years.  It never went away, it just had no connection or reference to bring it forward before.   In the same way, if an “emotional jolt” grabs you, the information it brings with it will stay with you and influence you subconsciously for a life time.

Sound like “Brain Washing?”   It is, sort of.



Slide 36

Alright, how many of you know the theme to Gilligan’s Island?  Beverly Hillbillies? Happy Days? Brady Bunch?  How many of you know another television theme song?  So did you memorize the words like you memorize a play script or catechism?  No you didn’t.



Slide 37

We actually have two brains: the LEFT brain which is more analytical, likes to number crunch, organized,  and puts things in order.  This is our “lyrics side” of the brain.  Our RIGHT side is more creative, “outside the box”, and artsy.  This side is our “music side” of the brain.  Studies show that when we combine both sides – we memorize more quickly and it is long term.  The words of the Brady Bunch theme are left brain and the music is right brain.  Add to that repetition and we have long term memory. Such is the purpose and success of “Hooked on Phonics.”  The rules of language and reading are left brain, but the music is right brain. Together they make learning and memorizing easier.


So every time you listen to a song, watch MTV, play a video game – you are also taking in the message the media presents and storing it into your emotional area of your brain -- combining it with other similar stored-messages…

– even if you don’t know it. 


Together, your brain (your sponge) creates and strengthens the neuron connections of these similar message areas and helps to determine your behavioral responses during life.



Slide 38


Come on, the M3 Factor, it’s not really that bad is it?

Let’s take a look at actual samples of the media’s messages.



Slide 39

Research shows us that a normal child will listen or view 200,000 acts of violence and 20,000 murders by the time they graduate from high school.



Slide 40

Let’s check out a few media samples…


This is a video from Marilyn Manson’s song “Get Your Gunn” from the album “Portrait of an American Family.”  Notice how he is dressed as a witch or warlock.  The words behind are rumored to be taken from the Satanic Bible.  The key point here is that Marilyn Manson is a very smart business man. Nothing is done without his permission.  Every image, lyric, and sound are intentional. 


Slide 41

Marilyn Manson was raised in a Catholic home and attended a Catholic school.  One day he came dressed differently and embarrassed by the staff and teachers.  He has committed himself against the church and Christianity ever since. What is he standing in front of in the black and white picture?  It is not by accident that he is in front of a Ouji board – often used by Satanist to communicate with demons. This is an intentional use of “shock’ to draw in your emotional part of your brain.  His look, for example two different contact lens colors, is all part of the “shock” he desires – but it is his message that is most shocking.


Slide 42

These are lyrics from some of his songs:

“You can kill yourself now because you’re dead in my mind”  (Man That You Fear)

“I am the faggot anti-pope” (1996)

“I will bury your God in my warm spit” (Deformography)

“All American Anti-Christ” (Rock & Roll Nigger)

“I am the Anti-music god.” “Here's your Antichrist Superstar” (Antichrist Superstar)

Note the picture from one of his concerts.  He spreads his arms out wide as if being crucified and claims he is the “Anti-Christ.”


Slide 43

“I’ve got abortions in my eyes… I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers”
“I am the ism, my hate's a prism; Let's just kill everyone and your god sort them out 
F*** it! [4 Times]"  (Irresponsible Hate Anthem)


Note the T-Shirt logo of the “Christo” symbol [P and X] on a Manson concert shirt.  The Christo is the first two Greek letters in the name Christ.



Slide 44

“You'll understand when I'm dead I went to god just to see, and I was looking at me; Saw heaven and hell were lies; When I'm god everyone dies. Scar can you feel my power? Shoot here and the world gets smaller... One shot and the world gets smaller... Shoot here and the world gets smaller. Shoot shoot shoot motherf***er!”

Note the shirt sold at a Manson concert using the Christian fish symbol to represent Manson as the Anti-Christ.


Slide 45

"Each thing I show you is a piece of my death"No salvation,
Ha ha no forgiveness, No salvation, Ha ha no forgiveness Ness!!!!!!!!”
(The Reflecting God)

We are not a victim, you are not a victim, God will grovel before me. God will crawl at my ***? (Hidden Track #99)

Note what the concert shirt promotes: “This is your world in which we grow and we will grow to hate you.”


Slide 46

Here is another Manson concert shirt.  Note the Satanic symbols intermixed with religious words intended to confuse youth.


Slide 47

Remember the shirt Clay Logan, the 16 year old who shot his mom and dad while listening to the Doors?  Here is the layout and text of a Manson shirt he regularly wore to school:


“Warning, the music of Marilyn Manson contains messages that will

Kill God
In your impressionable teenage mind, as a result you could be convinced to

Kill your mom and dad,
And eventually in an act of hopeless Rock and Roll behavior you will

Kill yourself.
Please burn your records while there is still hope.”  


Note that from a distance it is the “kill” phrases which you see.

What is the message of Marilyn Manson?

Slide 48

Korn has always been one of the biggest metal band draws over the past 5 years.  Their lead singer, Jonathan Davis, talks about one of the songs they recorded called My Gift for You. "Renee [his girlfriend] always wanted me to write her a love song and that's why I called it 'My Gift To You'. I always had a fantasy of f***ing her and choking her to death. I fantasize about what it would look like, me in her body and watching me do it. So it's like a really sick f****d up song. I love her so much, I want to take her out of this world. It's really strange.”


Slide 49

He continues: “She used to leave notes on my pillow, like 25 ways she'd like to kill me. She's got this weird death fetish. We're kinda f***in' freaky."


Now many defenders of Korn might say, “Oh they don’t really mean that, besides, that is just one song.”


Slide 50

Here are the words of a song called Kill You:

“Now these memories, fill my  heart, they bury me All I wanna do! (You are not my real mother) Is kill you – should I beat and stab and f**k her?  Looking back I was never ever right.  You were my step-mom … then I tried to let it pass, but the pictures [visions] in my head, were with you with a knife up you’re a**, laying dead, so I pop some more caps in your a**,.. You made my life not so good; All I wanna do! kill you”


Slide 51

Korn back in the 90’s disseminated their message of violence through concerts called “Family Values 98 and 99”  Note that the metal band Harris and Klebold were inspired by, Ramstein, is also on the play bill.


Korn’s messages even attack also aspects of the family – even Mr. Rogers: “What a f***ing neighbor... I hate you” (Mr. Rogers)


The song Good God is NOT a “Godly” song.   Davis tells whomever to repeatedly “Get the F*** out of my face” [CLICK ON SPEAKER ICON]



Slide 52

This video by Korn was number one on MTV when it came out.  Notice how the message of sex after death is promoted.  The song is called ADIDAS or “All Day I Dream About Sex.” A.D.I.D.A.S. talks about masturbation and having sex with strangers.  For Korn, the video suggests that they are dreaming of sex with a corpse and is consistent with the lead singer’s fantasy about his girlfriend.


Slide 53

Groups like N-Sync really had little issues with the parents.  Their songs usually were about love and commitment – not sex.  Several albums ago that changed.  The group sold over 150,000 copies of this album on the first day.  It included a song called “Digital Get Down” which talks about mutual masturbation using cameras over the internet.


Now…am I saying we should not listen to N-Sync?  No.  BUT, CD burners allow you to make a legal backup of your CDs and I suggest that you simply do not include that song on the mix.


Slide 54

Britney Spears has been in the news a lot lately.  Her desire to “grow-up” from the Mickey Mouse teen idol she was back in the early 90’s has led her into an unusual direction.  Once the clean cut, innocent girl, Britney has gone the other direction condoning everything from a 50 hour marriage, public nudity, drunkenness and suggestive lyrics. She has included a song about masturbation on her current album.


Slide 55

As for her open mouth kiss of Madonna on the MTV Video Music Awards, she had this to say: "Well, my mom liked it actually… And my dad, weirdly enough, he thought it was fine, too. I mean, come on ... it's Madonna. If you can kiss any girl in the world, that has to be her.”  I don’t know if that would be my first choice!


Slide 56

How big an influence has Britney Spears had on youth?  According to US Today, substantial.  Britney’s response:


“These parents, they think I’m a role model for their kids, that their kids look at me as some sort of idol. But it’s the parents’ job to make sure their kids don’t turn out that shallow. It’s the parents who should be teaching their kids how to behave. That’s not my responsibility. I’m not responsible for your kid.” -- Entertainment Weekly, 11/17/03


In the Zone debuted at #1 (609,000 copies) 11/03

Britney debuted at #1 (746,000 copies) 11/01

I Did It Again debuted #1 (1.3 million) 5/00  -- USA Today 11/26/03



Slide 57

Another heavy hitter in the music industry is Eminem. For the week ending Nov. 10, 2002, Eminem locked down number-ones in three major MEDIA categories:


Album and




Slide 58

8 Mile earned over $51 million during its first weekend, making it the second biggest R-rated
opening of all time [up to 2004]. 


Paul Degarabedian of Exhibitor Relations says:

“69% of 8 Mile attendees have been under the age of 25.”

Sold nearly 300,000 copies of the album “The Eminem Show” in the first day.


To say the least, Eminem has the eyes, ears and minds of a large number of youth in America.



Slide 59

Check out some of the Eminem messages:


“F--- you, Mrs. Cheney [and] Tipper Gore!!” (White America)

These words are focused on two politician’s wives who have been very vocal about getting parental advisories on music videos and CDs.


To the government: “I have the money to have you killed” (Square dance)

Explicit sexual content (Soldier; Superman)

Threatens Violence against a pregnant woman (Drips)



Slide 60

Song Lines/Topics:

Knifing prostitutes (When the Music Stops)

Glamorizes Drugs: “Weed mixed with some hard liquor”


“Bullet with your name – sendin’ it your way”

Put anthrax on a Tampax and slap you till you can’t stand”

Beliefs: Claims to have sold out to the devil and brags about his influence on the youth of America



Slide 61

He seems to present his “purpose” in life as to destroy people who are different than he is.

In the song: The Real Slim Shady, he says:

“I'm sick of you little girl and boy groups, all you do is annoy me; so I have been sent here to destroy you; And there's a million of us just like me who cuss like me; who just don't give a f*** like me who dress like me; walk, talk and act like me and just might be the next best thing but not quite me!”



Slide 62

Television is a key player in the M3 Factor. A recent study found that of the daily media consumption of 12-17 year old males, television accounts for 45% of their time spent in media followed by radio at 17%, the internet at 16% and video games at 15%.  Television also includes the use of recorded movies and subscription services. 

(April 5, 2004, Knowledge Networks/SRI’s MultiMedia Mentor from )



Slide 63

Cable has always tested the emotion section of our brains through “shock” material.  Their South park cartoon is supposedly about 3rd grade children, but the way they talk and act is anything but 3rd grade material.  Listen.  [CLICK ON SPEAKERS] They clearly promote a sexual gay agenda.


According to The National Institute for Media and Family in Minneapolis, “Youth today spend as much time today in front of a TV as they do in a classroom.” 


Slide 64

Even South Park has chosen to attack Christianity.  In each episode, one of the third graders, Kenny, dies.  Here he takes on crucifixion.


Slide 65

Here are some facts about television usage among youth:


56% of children have a TV in their room.

The average house in America has 2-6 television sets.

The average teenager  spends:

1/2 hour a week with Dad alone

2-1/2 hours a week with Mom alone

5 hours a week doing home work

2 hours a week reading  AND

24 hours a week watching television!



Slide 66

MTV which when it came out in the 80’s was touted as a “music” channel, but it has expanded its programming and message to include shows about sexuality.  MTV’s Undressed was about high school youth and included graphic scenes promoting pre-marital and gay sex.  Loveline was a take-off of the early 80’s interest in Dr. Ruth except Loveline was far more explicit and permissive.  


A gatekeeper in media is the person who has control of what can go through the media.  The gate keeper can also stop information, decrease information or increase the information going through the media depending upon his/her perspective or interest in the message.


Slide 67

One of  MTV’s first productions outside of music videos was Beavis and Butthead, a cartoon which promoted violence through arson and rude conduct. This show was named as a contributing factor in hundreds of arsons across the US including one where a brother set a sibling on fire after watching the cartoon.


This is an active website dedicated to Beavis and Butthead.


Slide 68

In a study over 30 years ago of 240 of the most influential television, movie, and media writers, producers, and executives it was found that they had extreme liberal views:

93% seldom attended church

75% claimed to be politically left

97% are pro-abortion

80% do not consider homosexuality wrong

86% supported the right of homosexuals to be public school teachers

51% Considered adultery acceptable


(Resources: 240 person survey from D. J. Kennedy’s book, The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail, 1996 and from  It is based upon a study done in 1979-80 by Professors S. Robert Lichter [George Washington University] and Stanley Rothman [Smith College].)



Slide 69

In 1985, The Los Angeles Times conducted a study of 3,000 journalists from 621 newspapers from across the country.  They determined that "Members of the press are predominantly liberal, considerably more liberal than the general public."  A survey conducted by the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company which included 2,018 hours of interviews with the public and 1,700 hours with media leaders showed that the media was significantly out-of-step with the general public’s views on “critical life issues, abortion and homosexuality.”


(The Connecticut Mutual Life study is explained in article "The Media is the Message" written by David Farrell in the Human Life Review, Spring 1986, pgs. 45 to 55.)



Slide 70

WWF’s "Raw is War" (World Wrestling Federation) has over 5 million households viewing weekly making it the highest rated cable television show and it often attracts more viewers than Monday Night Football on broadcast television. WWF’s sequel program "Smackdown" is also watched weekly by 5 million US homes making it also number one on the new UPN network. In addition, the WWF has produced numerous pay-per-view and home video productions which often rank in the top ten nationally.  Television news show “Inside Edition” commissioned the Department of Telecommunication at Indiana University to do a one year study of fifty of WWF’s “Raw is War’s shown on the USA Network from February, 1998 through February 1999.  The University found a plethora of objectionable content:

1,658 incidences of grabbing or pointing to a wrestler’s crotch

273 kicks to the groin

158 incidences of profane descriptions of people

157 incidences of “giving the finger”

128 incidences of simulated sexual activity

70 incidences of parading scantily clad women

47 incidences of satanic activity

42 incidences of simulated drug use.

21 incidences of talking about or appearing to urinate

Numerous incidences of garbage cans, chairs, tables and brooms used in wrestling

Several attempted “embalmings” on live people.

Of the two-hour broadcast, only 36 minutes was actual wrestling.  33% of the average viewers of “Raw” are seventeen years old and under. (Herring, 1999)


Slide 71

I always found it interesting that a past WWF wrestling champion, Steve Austin (yes, the same name as the 6 Million Dollar Man) always had shirts labeled with Austin 3:16.  If you could take every verse out of the Bible and try to sum up its entire message in one verse it would be John 3:16.  That is why fans like to put signs up with John 3:16 at sporting events.  It is called the “Gospel” or good news of the Bible.  According to the Bible, we were created to have a relationship with God.  This relationship gives praise to God and John 3:16 tells how that relationship has been renewed through Jesus Christ.  Let’s hear what Steve Austin has to say about 3:16.  [CLICK ON SPEAKER: “Talk about your Psalms, talk about your John 3:16; Austin 3:16 says I just whipped you’re a**.”]  In essence, Steve Austin is saying that he is now God.


Slide 72

Korn’s Family Values tour was not really the image we would expect to see when we think the “all-American” family.  Gone are the Cleavers, the Brady Bunch and Family Ties.  Today, the number one “family role model” is MTV’s The Osborn's


This dysfunctional family is headed by professed Satanist Ozzy Osborn, includes a teenage son and daughter who both have had issues with drug and alcohol dependency, and they all curse and use the “F” word constantly to the acceptance of their parents.


Slide 73

Here, Kelly poses with Avril Lavigne after a night of “drinking.”  Note how the media “mocks” the good and seems to imply that bad is more fun.


Slide 74

Television’s afternoon talk shows have also changed from the “safe” Phil Donahue days. Today, Jerry Springer is on at 4 PM when teenagers get home.  They can see or hear about everything today: transvestites, incest, strippers and group sex are blatantly talked about and often the behaviors are condoned or encouraged.


Slide 75

The longest running primetime cartoon in history, the Simpsons, was never intended for youth.  The Simpson’s originally was created as a segue between skits on the 9 PM Fox network program “The Tracey Ulman Show.”  The cartoon and show were intended for adults.  Unfortunately, the Fox marketing people struck a deal with Burger King and eventually moved the cartoon to a half hour format at 7 PM.  Burger King became the key “toy” promoter and offered Simpson dolls with children’s meals and other purchases.  This adult show still offers adult messages to children and youth and parents do not understand that it is more than just a “cartoon.”  Even the creator of the Simpsons refused to allow his children to watch the show.  Listen to some of the messages from past shows.  [CLICK ON SPEAKERS]


Slide 76

One of the top ten shows for NBC for the past decade comes to an end this year.  It is Friends and it has repeatedly used “sex” and “violence” in order to entertain its viewers.  Both of these are “emotional jolts” which when combined with comedy create message connections in our brains.  Here is a 30 minute episode of  Friends condensed to about 5 minutes.  Keep track of the reoccurring messages the writers, directors and producers of the show seem to be passing on to our youth.  Mind you, this show is in reruns throughout America usually showing from 4-7 PM 5 days a week in most local markets, prime time for most youth minds.


(Thanks to the Institute for Media and Family, Minneapolis for condensing the program)


Slide 77

A study two years ago by the Parents Television Council showed that reality TV is also stretching the morals and values of society and influencing our youth. The PTC reviewed 38 reality series between Jan. 1, 2002 and May 1, 2002:

On Broadcast TV, NBC and UPN had the highest level of offensive content, 19 and 14.9 instances of offensive content per hour.

On cable, VH1 and MTV offered the most offensive content with 39.7 and 36.1 instances per hour.


Slide 78

One of the most significant influencers upon our brains is “repetition.”  By repetition, we not only memorize, but we also become more tolerant and eventually accepting of behavior contrary to our initial values and beliefs.  Video games by their nature breed repetition and because of their multi-media approach, they are filled with constant “emotional jolts” which cause desensitization on the part of the youth participating. 


Slide 79

Even in the construction of the games, messages are being presented.  This game from the late 90’s purports that “To Save the world, sometimes an angel needs the power of a Devil.”  Hmmm, aren’t devils simply “fallen angels?”


Slide 80

The most popular video games have a dark and seemingly Satanic look and portray woman as demonic or possessed, and simply as sexual objects which can be used and destroyed at will.


Slide 81

Such is the case with one of the most popular games today, Grand Theft Auto

You play a criminal who escapes custody and willingly teams up with organized crime.

You proceed to steal, kill and pimp for the mob.

You blow up a passenger plane.

You transport prostitutes.

You assassinate people.

Grand Theft Auto encourages you to dream up all sorts of illegal, often brutal, moves and try them out—just to see if you can. And usually, the game lets you.

Running people over. Shooting a guy after stealing his ride. Employing a hooker, then beating her to death.


And this is what we call entertainment?


(Source: Review from Plugged In Magazine)


Slide 82

Other video games have continued where Grand Theft Auto stopped.  BMX XXX promoted itself via web ads which were as vulgar as the game it self.  The game features video footage of strippers which gamers can access as rewards for excellent play.



Slide 83

Currently, the number one video game was created by the same people who made Grand Theft Auto.  It is called Manhunt.  In this game, the premise is you are in a reality movie where you are to simply survive any way you can as others try to “man hunt” you and kill you.  A bizarre and grossest twist on the classic literature story Dangerous Game.  The camera catches you as you pummel your adversaries and as they beat you up. You gain points for creative and grotesque kills.  Then the camera will play back (instant replay) your murders for you to watch again and again.


Slide 84

Probably the most played violent game in the nation and the one which inspired Harris and Kleborn of the Columbine massacre was the video game Doom.  Here is a snippet from the game.  Understand that the graphics are much more vibrant and realistic on the high resolution computer monitors they were originally intended for.   This realism adds to the desensitization of youth as the brain can no longer differentiate between reality and fantasy.


(Thanks to the Institute for Media and Family, Minneapolis for condensing the program)



Slide 85

Radio jocks like Howard Stern have been an issue for sometime, but most recently, they have tested the waters of the FCC with little resistance.  Howard Stern, who’s radio program is also video taped and broadcast nightly on the “E” network frequently features porno stars, sexual contests, and obscene language. 


In New York, A morning jock named “Sam” offered prizes for people who would record their sex at the most unusual place in the city.  Two were arrested having sex at the alter of the St. Patrick’s cathedral in New York City.




Slide 86

The FCC at one time had a rule which defined obscene as “based upon the community.”  What Los Angeles would tolerate would be significantly different than what Seward, Nebraska would allow.  In Milwaukee, Wisconsin about 15 years ago when Superstations were forming on cable, a local general manager of WVTV- channel 18 decided he would try to become a Superstation.  He offered “R” rated movies including frontal nudity at 10 PM every Friday.  After about a month, the station stopped the practice, not because of the FCC, but because of the community up rise and the bomb threats against the station.  January of 2003, Bono, the lead singer for U2 received an award at the nationally televised Golden Globe Awards and responded with: "this is really, really, f------ brilliant, this is F------ great."    After receiving hundreds of complaints, the FCC ruled in October 2003 that the “F” word was only obscene when used in a context of a “sexual activity,” otherwise, it was simply an adjective and not a violation.


Slide 87

David Solomon, chief of the FCC's enforcement bureau, said in the ruling that Bono used the vulgarity as an adjective or to emphasize an exclamation and that "the use of specific words, including expletives or other 'four-letter words' does not render material obscene."



Slide 88

The Drudge Report on the internet reported that CBS was aware of the nudity before the Super Bowl broadcast and did it intentionally in order to stretch the bounds of television.  Their denials and apologies had been orchestrated in advance. MTV had been promoting for weeks that the halftime show would feature something “provocative and shocking.” The same week as the Super Bowl, NBC showed a rerun of ER where a woman’s bare chest is shown for a moment. Free television is trying to compete with cable, satellite and the internet and will continue to “push the boundaries.”


Slide 89

Movies have always presented messages: good and bad.  While the Star Wars creator George Lucas may have simply been presenting the concept of the “force” for a storyline, he actually was preaching his scientology or New Age philosophy beliefs.  Yoda trains Luke Skywalker about relativism and how good and evil are not absolute, but simply reside within our segment of the force.  The force is seen as being “god” and we are all part of the force – we just don’t know it.  We are all god.  The themes of free sex from the 60’s returned with Austin Powers, violence has become more graphic, smoking is prevalent and “F” words were excessive in the recent PG-13 movie “Starskey and Hutch.”


The movie Goldie Hawn / Susan Sarandon movie, “The Banger Sisters” is an example of the message Hollywood is presenting.  The movie is about two “groupies” from the 60’s who meet up years later.  One has changed her life and has become a respected role model in society.  The other is still wild and drinks, smokes, does dope and has sex freely. The movie even shows graphic male frontal nudity as they go through a collection of 100’s of nude pictures of men they slept with in their past.  The respect “sister” is confronted with the question:  “Do I continue to be a role model of morals and positive values for my community and especially for my teenage daughter, or do I revert to the way I was in the “free sex” 60’s?  The movie answers that question when she willingly chooses to revert to her 60’s values and morals.  


Slide 90

Teen movies like “Hey Dude Where’s My Car” draw youth into these messages as well. Rated just PG-13, the movie has clear frontal nudity via a wet-t-shirt contest, drunkenness, free sex and a scene between the main character and a transvestite.


Slide 91

Veggie tales creator Phil Vischer said, “Movies are never rated by values or beliefs promoted, only by usage of certain words and sexual or violent content. So ratings only tell part of the story. They won’t tell whether a film will make [you or] your child more or less respectful, more or less hopeful about life, more or less open to the concept of a loving God or any other concept that you might be trying to reinforce at home. At the end of the day, a G-rated film can still undermine values that are very important to you."



Slide 92

Mel Gibson, a devout traditional Catholic, desired for years to present his message of the last hours of Christ on the screen, but Hollywood refused to help him.  He spent over 30 million dollars of his own money to produce the 2 hour movie.  It currently is the highest grossing “R” rated movie of all time having brought in over 300 million dollars so far and it is still in the theatres today.



Slide 93

Violence in the media is not something knew.  September 11, 2000, President Clinton spoke on this issue as a result of a national media study conducted by the government.  The government made the connection that the media was influencing the violent behavior in youth. [CLICK CLINTON’S FACE FOR AUDIO]


Slide 94

The media industry is targeting youth despite their own rating systems. 

The government research found that media marketing plans in specific industries targeted 17 & under youth even when the product clearly was not rated appropriate for them.


Out of 44 R-movies: 64%

Out of 55 music recordings with “Explicit Lyrics” labels: 27%

Out of 118 games with a “Mature” rating for violence: 51%



Slide 95

The easy access to the internet and the advancements in technology for graphics, sound, and cpu speed have made it a primary source for information, communication and entertainment in many US households.  Remember, almost 75% of all homes in the US have internet access right now.


These are a some of the pictures from Dylan Klebold's website.  Here he posted his “hit lists” and drawings of how he planned to kill other youth and teachers at Columbine High School.  Today, it is not unusual for youth to have their own websites and have hundreds of “hits” weekly from other youth across the country.


Slide 96

One of then links on Klebold's site was to this 14 year old girls site.  There she gave step-by-step instructions on how to manufacture your own pipe bomb.  She comments on her website, “for a bigger kill add…”


Slide 97

As the US government can only regulate the internet within the US, pornography servers are popping up outside our country daily.  These sites are outside of the jurisdiction of US laws about child pornography or exposure of pornography to children.  In 2002, wire magazine reported a “flood of violent & sexually depraved emails” most originating from overseas locations.  They were indiscriminately sent to children, youth and adults and promoted sites about incest, rape, and bestiality.  The Rape, Abuse and Incest Network complaints went from 1 or 2 a week to about 150 during this time.  IM pop-ups are the new invasion on the internet.


Slide 98

Of the known 1000+ cults around the world, most have active websites which they use  for recruitment and communication with existing members.  Even “Heaven’s Gate” known for it’s strange mass suicide while waiting for a comet several years ago, still has an active recruitment site on the web.


Slide 99

The Branch Davidians (led by David Koresh, who claimed to be Jesus and who died with many of his followers at a cult compound destroyed under government siege in Waco, Texas some years ago) still has an active website.


A statement from the site:
“This is an official website of many Branch Davidian survivors who were with David Koresh during the 51 day siege at Mt. Carmel center, located just outside of Waco Texas. These survivors fully support and agree with the message  of the book SEVEN SEALS. The book SEVEN SEALS and this website, contain NEW LIGHT (New Truth) as revealed by one of the living survivors.”



Slide 100

The fastest growing churches in the world are the Mormons: the Church of Jesus Christ and Scientology.  Both of these groups have highly impressionable websites and use advanced web technology to present their messages.  John Travolta, who has been a Scientologist with Tom Cruise and Annette Benning for over 20 years, explained his use of the media for his own purpose.  He desired to produce a movie written by the founder of Scientology which included symbolically some of their Scientology beliefs.  He said, “I can get things done that a studio might not normally do.  It’s the pinnacle of using my power for something. We’ve been trying to make it for ten years…”


Slide 101

Remember the 14 year old girl with the directions fort he pipe bombs?  Here are other links found on her site leading to occult and divination sites on the web.


Slide 102

Even in advertising, we see messages which have nothing to do with the selling or promotion of the product. Several years ago, Sprite even made fun of ads which featured a celebrity endorsing the product.  They said if you think drinking Sprite is going to make you a great basketball star – you are wrong -- and they were right!


Slide 103

This ad ran for quite a while.  When I played this for a school in Green Bay, Wisconsin, I asked them what was most memorable about the ad.  They laughed and said, “She is going to get a sausage for breakfast.”  The ad promoted pre-marital sex by suggesting whether to call in the morning or simply “nudge ya.” 


Slide 104


Slide 105

This ad ran at least 5 times during a Fox network broadcast of an NFL football game I saw in 1999.  The commercial promoted the new VW Beatle but used the New Age idea of reincarnation to promote their product.  The tolerance for New Age ideas in advertising contributes toward the sponge effect and can lead to a compromise of their own beliefs, values and morals.


“If you were really good in a past life, you come back as something better.”


Slide 106

When Moses asked God, “Who shall I say has sent me?” God said his name was, “I Am.”  This name became a significant part of this commercial.

The ad asks:

“Who is everywhere?  Who is aware?  Who is powerful?

Throughout we see the questions being answered by “I Am.” 

Then the question: “Who is human?”  “I am.”

It is not until the last question that we see that we are god. The music calls us a “super man” a possible reference to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy in psychology where man should desire to be fully “self actualized” or a “super-man” through self improvement. This was also the same concept Harris and Klebold used to describe themselves in their video prior to the Columbine massacre. They referred to themselves as “super-human” or a “god.”


Slide 107

When Moses asked God, “Who shall I say has sent me?” God said his name was, “I Am.”  This name became a significant part of this commercial.

The ad asks:

“Who is everywhere?  Who is aware?  Who is powerful?

Throughout we see the questions being answered by “I Am.” 

Then the question: “Who is human?”  “I am.”

It is not until the last question that we see that we are god. The music calls us a “super man” a possible reference to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy in psychology where man should desire to be fully “self actualized” or a “super-man” through self improvement. This was also the same concept Harris and Klebold used to describe themselves in their video prior to the Columbine massacre. They referred to themselves as “super-human” or a “god.”


Slide 108

Advertising has taken an unusual turn with pornographic messages presented in “magalogs.” These half catalog, half magazine present messages using pornographic photo spreads, and editorials advocating group masturbation and group sex.  In one sequence of pictures, we see Two boys touching a girl’s chest and eventually she opens her shirt for them.


Slide 109

The New York Post reported, “[The magalog] has mysteriously disappeared from the clothier’s 651 stores. WorldNetDaily asserts that the company bowed to boycott pressure from conservative groups and when asked why the company had pulled it, an anonymous employee reportedly responded, “Ever hear of Dr. Dobson?” (commentator and founder of “focus on the Family”)


Slide 110

The problem is that Advertising” is the #2 influence for teenagers for items over $5”  It has a significant influence on youth.



Slide 112

But… They don’t really mean that stuff.  It’s just a way to get my attention.


Slide 113

God says it this way...

“Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.”  Matthew 12:34

Let’s listen...



Slide 114

At the nationally televised MTV music awards several years ago, Marilyn Manson had the opportunity to thank his friends, fans and band members for their support – but instead, he chose to push his real message.  [CLICK ON AUDIO CUT]

He also says: “Music is such a powerful medium now.  The kids don’t even know who the president is, but they know what’s on MTV.  I think if anyone like Hitler or Mussolini were alive now, they would have to be rock stars.”


“If someone kills themselves because of our music, then that’s one less stupid person in the world.”



Slide 115

Marilyn Manson is not stupid.  He says:

“Raise your kids better or I’ll be raising them for you.”  He is right.  For many of our youth today, the media is raising them – not their parents, their churches or their communities.


Slide 116

Noel Gallagher of Oasis said, “We’re more popular than Jesus Christ now…Some of the pop stars I like are more important to me than God… I would hope we mean more to people than putting money in a church basket and saying 10 Hail Mary’s [Catholic Prayers] on Sunday.” 
The Beatles said something similar in the 60’s.


Slide 117

Sarah McLachlan singer and founder of the Lilith Fair Concerts sounds more like Yoda in Star Wars with her New Age ideas: “I think the Devil has gotten a bad rap.  The Devil is the fallen angel, the one who was willing to embrace his dark side, whereas all the other angels were in total denial.  The Devil is more like us -- we’re all the Devil and we’re all God.”


Slide 118

Pearl Jam’s lead singer Eddie Vedder has an inkling of the need for a solid role model when he said, “Troubled fans write letters…hoping we can fix…them.  But we can’t… You can’t save somebody from drowning if you’re treading water yourself.”


Slide 120

I understand the issues, the messages, the brain storming the “muck”; BUT How can I avoid this stuff?  Am I supposed to stop listening to music, stop watching TV, stop going to movies, stop doing the internet… basically stop everything?


Slide 121

Well that question brings us back to where we began…


It is all about “Your Sponge”-- your brain.
It is all about what you will allow in it.

That determines how the media will affect you.  You first need to determine who is in control of your sponge: you or the media?


You need to decide what you want in your brain.

It’s called “discernment”

Discernment is the ability to be able to filter what you allow into your brain based upon a preset set of values, guidelines or morals.  Discernment is taking control of the process rather than simply becoming a victim of it.



Slide 122


Slide 123

Here are some great questions to ask to help you “test” or discern if the media is worth consuming:


Does it encourage negative or positive Behavior?

Does it contain excessive violence, nudity, evil themes, bad language or other potentially negative elements?

Does it portray my beliefs in a bad light?



Slide 124

BUT…please know that the process will not be easy.  Your nature does not want you to discern media – it just wants you to swallow everything the world teaches and not question it. 


Slide 125

Here are a number of resources available to you in the process of becoming better at discernment.  All of these resources are listed on one site:  I encourage you to visit the site for further information on media’s influence and to download other resources available free of charge.


Slide 126

National Institute on Media & the Family is an excellent resource for video game reviews and the latest research on media and children.


Slide 127

Plugged In magazine is a must for parents and youth leaders.  It unbiasedly evaluates movies and CDs pointing out the positive and negative social values to each, offering chart information for CD’s, and a list of objectionable content.  My kids and I have used it as a way to decide what movies we want to go to and what CD’s we want to buy.


Slide 128

Let’s listen to Cassie as we close tonight.  It is from a music video of a song in memory of her written and sang by Michael W. Smith.


Slide 129

M3 & Me: Music, Movies and Multi Media

“The Effect of Media on Youth”


This presentation was developed by Glen Dawursk, Jr. and was last updated 10/18/07. 
It is not to be duplicated without the written permission of the author and presenter.